J. Seavey, The Candyman

My name is Jerry Seavey Former  Wrestler, also known as “The Candyman / Now Paranormal Investigator.  grew up in Haverhill, MA and had 2 passions – wrestling and horror movies. As a kid, Jerry built his own wrestling ring in the back yard dreaming of one day becoming a famous WWF wrestler. When he got older, he trained with Killer Kowalski at his school in Boston. After a couple of years training, he realized his dream and joined the WWF!
I spend almost 3 decades in the ring as the Candyman He has also had small parts in movies such as “Grownups” and the Mark Wahlberg movie, “The Fighter”. I was also on the game show, “Deal or No Deal”.

My other hobby has been collecting memorabilia from horror movies. I have a room dedicated to all things horror. The Candyman has also enjoyed watching paranormal reality TV over the years. 

Back in 1980 my friend John and I, went to this old abandoned hospital..We went in and walked around  to check it out.  I went one way and he went the other way.  I walked down the hall to the left into a room.I could see that it was a mess, there were pans all over the floor. There was also a desk and a bunch of other stuff scattered around the room. In this room was a shelf full of hospital scrubs and as I’m looking at them I felt a cool breeze. and I heard someone say “take one”. As I turned around I saw an old man standing there, I said to him ” No I don’t want one of those ” as I turn toward the shelf of scrubs. Then when I turned back to talk to him and he was gone. So I went out the  room to see where he went and he was walking down the hall so I followed him down the hall and watched him go into a room on the right. I decided to follow him to the room, I stopped quick when I  saw there was no floor.I looked down to see if he was below but all that was there was a pile of old wood that must have been the floor.  I called for my friend John and told him my experience so we both  went downstairs to see if we could find him. We looked everywhere but never saw him.

While working on a small project  my team shared the same interest . The team has gone to some great locations including The Houghton Mansion, The SK Pierce Victorian, The Governor’s Mansion in Hampton Falls and gathered some great evidence. my first paranormal experience was at my friends house built in the 1800 hundreds I felt a burn on my leg and found out there was a fire there. at the Houghton Mansion the minute i walked in i could feel the energy very strong. then i went down to the basement were the little girl hangs out and and heard her giggling after a wile went back up stairs and notice my wedding ring was gone. went back down and found it. went back to investigate up stairs and thats were i saw a full body apparition. we went back to that same place 3 times the 2nd time i had my hair pulled. 3rd time i heard the little girls voice again. then we went to The SK  Victorian mansion and seen a man in the 3nd floor window went to look and never seen him again. but alot off activity and very cold and i felt some one blowing on my neck. then we went to the little red school house were the teacher hung herself i could not stay in there i had a hard time breathing. even in my own home i have activty here. my brother came to see me a week after he died  i got a picture of him. candles lit by themselves. picture fell off the wall. i’ll be sitting watching tv and i can feel somebody next to me and i can see them this happens just about every night. the list can go on and on. …I love to be in your Magazine

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