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Hi all. My sister caught this on her ring doorbell in her garage. We have tried to debunk it, but no luck. Attached is the video. Last night, 4:53 am.  Thank you, Tammy 

J. Lovell

So far my scariest was while working at Pennhurst.  My first time down mayflower basement I got to the bottom of the steps and couldn’t move. I felt nothing but negative energy surround me . I tried to walk back up steps but I literally couldn’t move. It was so overwhelming I just yelled let go of me then finally was able to go up the stairs . There’s something down there that hates me . I even have a phasma box recording that when I ask do you remember me it says Judy’s a bitch. Since then I never go anywhere there alone til a couple months ago . I went down alone and when I tried to walk to the right of the steps I felt it again and swear I felt it’s breath. What’s weird is the mayflower tunnel is my favorite spot and I get so much activity there but once I go to other side definitely something hates me! Maybe King or who knows. I’ve never felt fear like that . 

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