Sabrina Marie
2Realm Paranormal

I’ll do my best to keep this as short as possible. My story takes place over 28 years. It began with my mom and I moving into an apartment after my parents divorced. It started with simple spirit activity and my mother feeling as though there were a black cloud over this apartment building. Not long after the deaths began. One man committed suicide, then a woman passed tragically. The building felt like it took on an evil life of its own. Poltergeist activity began, a constant flow of spirits, more deaths, shadow figures, and the torture started. A woman showed up and began calling my name at night. Eventually the activity with her became violent. One night she nearly killed me. I saw her and felt her hands go through my chest and squeeze my lungs. I couldn’t breathe. I was so breathless that I could barely tell my mother and a couple of friends what was happening. They jumped into action, praying for me. When she released me the communication received was telling me to “bleed” and to “die”, using my name to say these things. There was a second incident with her where she did the same thing. During the time she was active, a new man moved in that liked to conjure. We asked him to turn his television down and it was like he became a different person, rage filled and violent. Long story short, he brought in a jinn (low level demon). This thing attached to me and tortured me for awhile, trying to make me kill myself, making me think the people I love wanted me dead, and showing me horrific visions. I won’t dive too deep into that unless you want me too, it’s a very intense story and makes some uncomfortable. There’s inappropriate touching along with this. I was oppressed for over a year. My mother managed to free me and it’s a truly beautiful story of how this attachment was broken. After 28 years of living this nightmare, we escaped. It’s been less than a year since we got out of there. I wrote a book about the experience called “Dark Side of the Apple: A True Story of Paranormal Attack”. It’s been selling pretty well and has been said it should be a movie. I wrote it because I wanted others in similar situations who had nowhere to turn to know that there is someone out there that will understand, believe them, and try to help them. If you like this and want to add it I can tweak it and tell more. I’m hoping to start speaking in 2024, telling our story and helping other extreme haunt survivors with knowledge we gained through this.

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