Lee Allen

I would love to share how I got involved into the paranormal.

Summer of 1998 my son was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart (meaning the left side of his heart was not fully developed). He never did get to come home passed away at 2 weeks old.

A month after his death I started experiencing this small shadow watching me as I watched tv. One night it came down the steps and crossed my tv and blacked it out. I liked watching tv in the dark. Freaked me out and I wasn’t sure what or who that was. One morning getting out of the shower I heard my son’s baby mobile playing the Baby Looney Tunes song backwards. I opened his nursery door which we haven’t been in since he passed away. The mobile was swinging and nobody in the room. It freaked me out and I closed the door.

I started doing research and it ended me up into the paranormal. I’m always trying to figure this small shadow out and it appears quite often over the 25 years since I saw it the first time. Winter of 2000 my daughter was born and was born with Imperforate Anus (meaning the rectum was not fully developed).

In 2002 I started ParaVizionz Paranormal Society and started helping others with strange activity going on in their home. May of 2005 my daughter had passed away to Sepsis in the bowels. I thought me getting involved in the paranormal was a big part of her passing. I had prayed about me getting out of it but to many signs telling me I’m where I belong to help others get out of the dark and fight off bad energy.

That’s my story of how I got involved and why I do what I do. It was just a passion but is my life because it’s therapeutic to me helping others.

Thank you for reading.

Lee Allen

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