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As Ghosted Magazine grows, we are bound to make mistakes.  The article that went to print in October contained some inaccuracies, that understandably ruffled a few feathers.

So, let’s get this history correct.

New  Egypt Historical Museum, also known as the Reckless House was built in 1815, originally owned by James Sexton.

The Federal Style Farmhouse  currently holds historic artifacts from the township dating back to the late 1800’s.  It stands 2 stories tall and contains an attic that was originally a loft, and a basement.

The 2nd floor holds an exhibit dedicated to Stanley Dancer, a noted harness race driver from New Egypt.    Stanley lived in this house for a few years while his father was a potato farmer in the late 20’s or early 30’s.

Now let’s discuss the haunt.  My first impression seeing the museum for the first time, was that this place is very unassuming.  From the outside the museum looks small, so after taking my series of pictures, I ventured inside.  Once entering, the place just opens up into a large meeting room, where the historical society meets once a week.

As a paranormal investigator and open minded skeptic, I don’t like to know the other paranormal experiences prior to beginning my own investigation.  Not to discount the other evidence or stories, but because I don’t want to go into a location with preconceived thoughts or expectations.

The first floor is made up of 3 main areas; the meeting room, and the beginning of the main part of the museum which consists of 2 rooms and a staircase.

As you enter into the main portion of the museum, directly in front of the archway is your first room.  This room has a fireplace and during the holidays, a large christmas tree.  Some previous stories that we have heard, describes the sounds of young person crying, when it comes time to take down the christmas decorations.    In this area we have had solid EMF spikes as well as REM pod hits.

Also located on the first floor is a Piece of the Hindenburg, that crashed not too far from where the Museum currently resides.

As you begin your journey up the staircase it’s difficult to not gaze up the middle, all the way to what is now the attic.

On the second floor there are 4 rooms.  The first door directly to the right is a bedroom.  This room is, to one of the creepiest rooms in the house.  In this room we have captured EVP’s and a picture of a tall slender woman in the closet.  Most of the stories we have heard from other investigators report the feeling of somone caressing their cheeks or touching their shoulds while standing in front with their backs facing the closet.

The next room is the Doll Room.  That explains it all.  It’s a room full of childrens toys, clothes, and dolls.  Soe would say that this room gives them the creeps.

The third room is the Stanley Dancer exhibit.  In this room there have been reports of books sliding in and out of the case, K2 spikes, REM pod and cat ball activity, as well as EVP’s.  We had Ron Yacovetti and Lourdes Gonzales from GONYAK paranormal there not too long ago, demonstrating their Digital Seance.  The stanley dancer room is where they conducted the experiment, resulting in one of the clearest Digital voices to come through saying, “Danger, He’s in this room”, referring to an onlooker whose nickname, is Danger.

The 4th room on this floor is off limits, as it is used as an office for the Historical Museum staff.  Although, on many occasions the door to this room has opened up during investigations, frightening some investigators. 

Moving up a floor into what is now, the Attic.  The attic is an interesting place, consisting of 1 large room and another through a hole above the addition.  Interestingly enough, through that hole is where we have gotten some really good video.  Many have had expereinces in there including touching, and breathing on the neck.  EVP and even temperature changing. 


Even the door to the attic has, at times, opened and even shut on it’s own. 

Now, to the place that has even some of the most experienced investigators spooked, the basement. 

The basement, according to several psychics and mediums (if you believe in such things), contains a few troubled spirits that are frustrated with not being heard or listened to.  These spirits are not afraid to make physical contact with people that provoke or even try to ignore them.  I, myself have had 2 extremely bothersome experiences in the basement.  There have been investigators that have been scratched and many have caught images and videos of strange things down there. 

As with any haunted location, there are skeptics who dismiss the reports of ghostly encounters at the New Egypt Historical Society Museum as mere folklore or overactive imaginations. They attribute the experiences to drafts, creaking floorboards, or the power of suggestion.

On the other hand, there are those who firmly believe in the existence of the museum’s spirits. For them, the firsthand accounts, audio recordings, and photographic evidence provide compelling support for the notion that something unexplainable occurs within its walls.

The debate between skeptics and believers adds an additional layer of intrigue to the museum’s mystique, inviting visitors to draw their conclusions and make their own judgments about the reality of the paranormal.

The New Egypt Historical Society Museum is not merely a repository of artifacts and historical records; it is a place where the past and the supernatural converge. Its ich history provides a fitting backdrop for the ghostly tales that have endured for decades.

For those who visit, it is an opportunity to step back in time and, perhaps, to catch a glimpse of something otherworldly—a reminder that the line between the known and the unknown is often thinner than we might imagine. The museum stands as a testament to the enduring power of history, folklore, and the mysteries that lie beyond our comprehension.

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