2024 Jan Tarotscopes – By april Busset

April Busset, The Psychic Housewife of New Jersey and Celebrity Psychic Medium, natural-born clairvoyant, remote viewer, automatic writer & ghost hunter. April was featured on Travel Channel’s hit series “The Holzer Files”.

April works with some of the most well-known celebrities in the paranormal field, investigating the most notoriously haunted locations. April uses her abilities to connect with the spirits of the most intense hauntings and possessions in the United States. 

She successfully helped a family locate a loved one with the use of her ability to do remote viewing and worked on many missing persons cases.  April is currently working with the family of a missing persons case and has accurately given the names of the prime suspects only known to the police. She has also named a killer live on her show “Cocktails & Readings With April The Psychic Housewife of New Jersey”.

April has been communicating with spirits since the age of four after she was visited by her deceased father who passed away two years prior.

April has also accurately relayed messages from the spirits from the most haunted locations in the United States. 


Good news Aries!!!  Jupiter will be in your second house of income until May…. woo hoo!  It has been rough on the Rams since the end of July now the tables are turning and it’s in your favor BUT do not go crazy with spending, save it for a rainy day.  You have worked too hard for this.  Your career has been on fire and will continue throughout the year and to add a cherry to this perfect sundae your love life has been heating up whether you are single or married you will be feeling the love.  Finally, my little Rams are getting a break and starting the new year off magically.   Nothing will get in your way now!  Happy New Year Aries!



So, November might have been a little rough on your wallet with unexpected expenses, but Taurus loves to save and work hard.  You have been diligent with paying bills. Some Taurus ppl might have encountered a breakup or ending of some sought and are trying to split up the finances.  Just make sure to be aware of signing papers.  I know this seems gloomy but it’s not.  This is just a period of working hard and reaping the rewards later.  I promise!  Another exciting thing is it looks like you will be traveling on New Year’s…hopefully somewhere exotic!  Happy New Year Taurus!


This year is looking great for our gentle little Geminis in their careers.  If you are in a creative field this will be magical.  I can’t shake this feeling that it has some type of celebrity status to it. Especially if it has to do with joining forces with someone. Now if that does not sound like you well the flip side is that a special person in your life is ready to take this relationship to the next level.  Oooo how exciting!!  Either way Gemini you can’t lose this year!  Happy New Year Gemini!


Oh, Cancer has this been a busy few months for you due to your heavy workload.  You have been working too hard and it’s starting to affect your health and sleep.  You need to find balance or take some time for yourself.  Don’t despair because luck is coming your way in February and it’s a big payoff.  It feels like this will be coming from a close friend.  If things have been rocky in your romantic relationships that will end by the new year and a new bond will happen.  All your hopes and wishes will start to come true.  Be patient Cancer.  Your persistence will pay off.  Happy New Year Cancer!


This year is going to be a fun one.  Lots of social events with friends and family will be the vibe this year and to make it even sweeter if not attached this could be the year to find true love, which has been lacking the past couple of years.  Some Leos might be ready to start a family, this is a very favorable time for that.  You are definitely on a high at the beginning of the year just make sure to not go overboard with spending if you do you will feel it sooner rather than later.  No worries, Leo you always land on your feet.   Happy New Year Leo!


What a way to start the New Year Virgo!  You seem to be in the spotlight when it comes to money and career.  Most likely you have or will soon receive that promotion or bonus you have been waiting for.  You will start a new health regimen and by summer it will show.  Meow, our sexy little Virgos are on fire!  Wow, what a perfect year for you!  Money, success, and mostly to a healthier lifestyle.  Congratulations and a Happy New Year Virgo!


This year is amazing for our balanced Libras, just the way you like it.  There will be a lot of travel in your future and to top this all off you will be a magnet for money throughout the year.  I always say when we have money in our pockets, we become more charismatic.  Libras do not need any more charisma because the women are so lovely, and the men are so charming.  You have had a rough few years financially and now that is over for the rest of the year.  I think you have had your fair share and now you can finally relax and enjoy life.  Happy New Year Libra!


Money may have seemed to be going out a lot but luckily an influx kept coming in.  Watch for credit card bills this month.  You might find an error in one of your statements and try to pay down your debt.  Scorpio does not like balances.  Your mood might have been gloomy in November because of this.  You need to know that you will pay it down faster than most people.  For the new year, you will be focusing more on self-care, which I highly recommend.  Try to incorporate this more into your routine and you will feel the difference.  You will also be taking a much-needed relaxing trip in the new year.  Happy New Year Scorpio!


This year looks like you will be starting a new business venture with a brand-new business partner, and this is a business match made in Heaven!  This partnership will be so balanced this will be the secret to the success of it.  If not in a committed relationship you might be having second thoughts and quite possible that you may decide to sever this relationship.  You will be in work mode for the first few months of the new year, and that’s a good thing.  Love will take a backseat but not for long.  Finally, someone will be coming in who knows just how to balance your ever-moving mind and body.  Happy New Year Sagittarius!


Finally, you are back to normal.  These past few years have been unbalanced and that is not a good place for Capricorns.  Not to worry because you probably already felt the magic and the abundant opportunities that have come your way.  Work will not be as hectic, but the money flow will be great.  This year you have been overboard in your schedule so be careful of your health.  Don’t worry it’s nothing to worry about.  Happy New Year Capricorn!


Your love life vibe was definitely very romantic and deepened with your partner for the past few months and will continue throughout the year. You and your significant other will stabilize a bond that cannot be broken.  This will drive you to be even more successful. You have worked hard at your craft and your financial health and that is why you have been so relaxed and will continue this routine for a long time.  You can now enjoy the fruits of your hard work. 

Happy New Year Aquarius!


Wow my passive little fishes you have certainly taken your power back in a big way.  In your career, you are killing it.  Romantically you will no longer be anyone’s fool.  This year is all about you and what YOU want and not putting others first.  Some of you will be getting into real estate by the end of the year. You never saw yourself in this light before, but it sure does look good on you!  You are fire!  Happy New Year Pisces!

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