Ghost Gang

Part of my job as an interviewer is, you never know who you’re going to meet, or how people will react to some of the questions I ask.  This was absolutely not the case for this group. 

Ghost Gang is a group of friends embarking on a paranormal adventure, with many scares, goosebumps, and laughs along the way.  The humble beginings behind this awesome new show, are atributed to 2 independent film makers, Justin and Casey.  Joining them are the “Stars” of the show, Eric and Jesse. 

Ghost Gang started as a simple premise: a group of friends spending time together while searching for something paranormal or unexplainable. Holy jeepers!

All members of the group have varying levels of belief in the paranormal, but they all have their own love and interest in it, history, and horror. However, once they set out on this journey, they knew they wanted to remain true to themselves.  They approach each investigation with their brand of sincerity and humor, making one another laugh while they seek out the unknown and shed light on the stories that have begun to be lost to time. So come join the Gang!

Eric LoGiudice

Eric has a big heart, but is an even bigger goof. He found himself interested in the paranormal due to an event he could not explain from his childhood. His previous hesitation to partake in activities that deal with ghosts and he occult stems from an, “If I f*ck around, I just might find out!” mindset, but he could not help to think that there were some questions… left unexplained. 

However, once approached with the idea of Ghost Gang, he came to the decision that he must add some spice to his life – as well as the afterlife! With this new found intrigue, Eric has found his opportunity to clear the fog of war on some of these unanswered questions. Through exposure therapy, he thinks it might in fact be time to f*ck around and…find out!

Jesse Tietjen

Jesse got into the paranormal via campy horror movies at a very young age as he was force fed them at an inhuman pace, seeing dramatized murder, drug use, and Ghosty Ghosts. Even though he enjoys those movies, it is not lost on him that these are probably not reflective of real world paranormal events, and they may be the reason he can only say the word “penis” and still belly laughs at “diarrhea.”

Now, through Ghost Gang, this lumbering child will slowly add words to his vocabulary to one day match a man off his age while he sets out to see how true to life all those horror movies are. 

And maybe one day he’ll also learn how to use commas correctly.

Casey Fitzgerald

Casey is the truest believer of the Gang. While he may not subscribe to the idea of ghosts and ghouls hanging around waiting to spook you, he does believe there are invisible forces that permeate the world around us – good and bad.

After watching The Sixth Sense at a way too young of age, Casey has been enthralled with the paranormal, and the mystical energy found in abandoned and haunted places.

A cinematographer by trade, Casey is the mastermind behind the visuals of Ghost Gang – using his expertise to find inventive ways of capturing the supernatural.

Justin Moriarty

Despite (or perhaps in spite of) his mother telling stories of him talking to ghosts as a child, Justin is a pretty staunch skeptic, this stemming from his reliance on reason and logic to try and make sense of the world around him.

But that didn’t stop his interest in stories of the paranormal and supernatural and the hope of possibly experiencing something that could not be explained by normal deduction. In his college years, he took to making home movies to document all the real and beautiful moments with his closest friends.

Finally, after years of making films, these worlds collided when he approached Casey, Jesse, and Eric with an idea to explore paranormal and historical stories of often forgotten locations while getting to spend time having a laugh together. Learning, laughing, and looking for the unexplainable.

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